Building the Hull and Keel

    Building blog - Steve B.

    Dan N's Builder's Guide video
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    Alternate keel alignment method Philip H.

Building the deck

    Curving veneer strips - Philip H.

    No Split Veneers - Philip H.

    Faux deck planking - Philip H.

Details of Rudder and Rudder Column

    Rudder column friction: solved - Philip H.

    Rudder column angle discussion - multiple contributors

    Rudder shaft seal - Derek S.

    Rudder rules (Class Rules) - Tom Street

Radio Control Gear

    Fitting R/C gear - Philip H.

    Transmitter cover - Allan V.N.

Running Rigging (sheets, cunningham, outhauls, etc.)

    Splitting the Sheets - Tom Y.

    Jibsheet-only Elastic Assist.

    Both Sheets Elastic Assist.

    Simple Nylon Barney Post - Philip H.

    Forward Masthead Tang - Philip H.

Spars and Standing Rigging

    Mast Step and Mast Rake - Philip H.

    Boom attachments - Allan V.N.

    Goose neck - Philip H.

    Laser Boom Bungee - Philip H.

    Forward Masthead Tang - Philip H.

    Jibing Main Halyard Bracket - Philip H.


    Air Bag Flotation - Philip H.

    Ink Jet graphics - Philip H.

    Wall Rack - Philip H.

Sail markings


    Point High! - Will L.

    The Racing Rules of Sailing (excerpts) - with Radio Sailing changes
                (a 9-page Word document)