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Building the Hull and Keel:

     Building blog - Steve B.

     Alternate keel alignment method - Philip H.

     Better tape for hull assembly - Jeff W.

Building the Deck:

     Curving veneer strips - Philip H.

     No Split Veneers - Philip H.

     Faux deck planking - Philip H.

Details of Rudder and Rudder Column:

     Rudder column friction - Philip H.

     Rudder column angle discussion - multiple contributors

     Rudder shaft seal - Derek S.

     Rudder rules (Class Rules) - Tom S.

Radio Control Gear:

     Remote Power Switch (Zepsus Magnetic)- Derek S.

     Fitting R/C gear - Philip H.

     Transmitter cover - Allan V.N.

Spars and rigging:

     Adjustable Mast Step - Ron K.

     Boom attachments - Allan V.N.

     Goose neck - Philip H.

     Split Main/Jib Sheet Leads - Satch Y.

     Boom Bungee - Philip H.


     Air bag flotation - Philip H.

     InkJet graphics - Philip H.

     Bow Bumper - Philip H.

Sail markings:

     Sail Markings Information

     Traceable T-37 Insignia and Sail Number Font Information

     Traceable Sail Numbers Font


     Point High! - Will L.

     The Racing Rules of Sailing - ISAF