We sail T-37 radio-controlled racing sloops.    


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Our friend Robyn Lesh, who has graced these pages in the past for
her T37 and college sailing achievements, is in the news again.
Here is how proud dad, Class Secretary WIll Lesh, puts it
in the the recent Model Yachting magazine:
"The T37 family will be interested to hear that my daughter, Robyn,
who grew up as an integral part of the T37 process, building and racing T37s
from when she was very young, has recently been offered a position
on the design team, as one of the design engineers, for the New York Yacht Club
/BMQR Americas Cup Challenge boat for the races in New Zealand. Very exciting!"

In an effort to equalize performance in strong winds, some regattas
may impose a masthead weight penalty to bring boats into compliance
with an in-air or in-water test of righting moment.
This will be announced in a regatta's Notice of Race.

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T37 Class Rules in a nutshell (2018 text image)

Current official AMYA T37 Cass Rules (2019 text file)


LOCAL RULES VARIANCE TABLE (Things we do differently)

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Our list of Pearls of Wisdom
Dan N's Builder's Guide video
Pete L's T-37 Build Blog
Gary B's T-37 Build Blog
Steve D's T-37 Build Blog


      San Juan Island Spring Regatta, hosted by Larry Shorett:
Philip's 26 photos,       Allan's select 20 photos

      Recent frostbite racing photos,      Our Learn-To-Sail-Your-T-37 Seminar


      Sail Insignia and Sail Numbers:

            General Sail Marking Information

            Traceable Insignia, and Font Information
            PNMYC-Approved Sail Numbers Font 0-9


      The American Model Yachting Association:

          - the AMYA's home page

          - the AMYA's T-37 Class page

          - the AMYA's recognized T-37 Class Rules

      McKee's Minute in Sailing World, May 2013

      Ron Meicho - Founding Member - Tribute - My Friend Ron - Memorial

      Miscellaneous images and asides

      Our YahooGroup Links

You will find T-37 Sailors at these other clubs, too:

      Inland Empire Model Yacht Club (Spokane, WA)
      Bellingham Yacht Club (Bellingham, WA)
      Port Madison Yacht Club (Bainbridge Is., WA)
      Eagle Harbor Yacht Club (Bainbridge Is., WA)
      Port Townsend Yacht Club (Port Townsend, WA)
      West Vancouver Yacht Club (West Vancouver, BC)
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      Seattle Yacht Club (Seattle, WA)
      Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle (Seattle, WA)
      Corinthian Yacht Club of Tacoma (Tacoma, WA)
  and somewhere near Eagle/Boise, Idaho.

Outside the Pacific Northwest, find T37s at these clubs:

      Indian Harbor Yacht Club (Greenwich, CT)
      Wethersfield Cove Yacht Club (Wethersfield, CT)


2012 Opti Northwest Championship Green Fleet

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